Tell your story

Write, by sharing stories and memories of your loved ones, and also the memories of your ancestors.

Build your tree

Famicity is the first private social network that also contains a family tree. Gather your family around to build your family tree and share your history.

Famicity allows you to learn about your loved ones, your ancestors, and to participate in the writing of your family history.

The biggest tree on Famicity has 78,857 profiles!

Bring your family together

Learn about everything your family has accomplished.

The testimony you leave today will become part of the history for tomorrow's generations.

A place to safely store your photos or videos

We are all looking for a platform and a place where all of our photos and videos can never be lost and inaccessible ... this place is Famicity.

Preserve your privacy

Keep your memories forever on a private platform where you will choose who can access them.

Famicity is free!

Famicity is free and without obligation. Your data can be deleted at any time. If you like this concept of private backup, then you can go further by saving other types of data such as documents, video or audio files with a premium account (for a only few dollars per month).

Don’t hesitate! Try Famicity!

If you want to have access to all these features ... Famicity is here for you!

"We only get to visit family once a year so it is important to me to be able to share photos and stories with Grandparents and siblings. I finally found a secure place to share and communicate with my family!

Famicity is a great place for our family to communicate. There are no ads and no intrusion of privacy. Because of the privacy and security more of my family members are willing to share online what is going on in their lives. This helps us all feel connected and support each other.

Thank you for providing this service."


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