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Famicity: a social network that respects your privacy!

Famicity, since its inception, has always strived to respect the privacy of its members.

The goal of Famicity is to provide a family social network that allows families to share and preserve their history for future generations. The protection of our users' data is therefore a high priority for us.

This Privacy Policy explains, point by point, how the data we collect or that users provide to us on FAMICITY is processed.

Cette politique de Confidentialité explique, point par point, la manière dont sont traitées les données que nous recueillons ou que les utilisateurs nous fournissent sur FAMICITY.

The definitions used on this page are defined in our terms of use, section "1. Definitions".

1. Data provided by FAMICITY users

By using FAMICITY, users are asked to provide personal data to identify them.

Here are the data that users are likely to communicate to FAMICITY:

1.1 Registration data

In order to register on FAMICITY, a user must provide at least one e-mail address, password, date of birth, sex/gender, last (surname) and first name. This information is required for FAMICITY to function properly.

1.2 One or more profile photos

1.3 One or more postal addresses

1.4 One or more secondary e-mail addresses to the address used for registration

1.5 One or more phone numbers

1.6  One or more addresses of Internet sites

1.7  Family tree data

Data is provided when a user builds his/her family tree, either by creating new profiles manually, via a GEDCOM file import, or via a family tree import tool from FamilySearch. Users are, therefore, likely to add information about their family members. The data that can be provided by the users in this context are: first name, last name, maiden name, middle name, sex/gender, date of birth, place of birth, date of death, place of death, a profile picture, an e-mail address (when the user wishes to invite this person).

1.8  History data

Users may add, at any time, "History" type publications on FAMICITY which may contain a title, a content, an event date, a place, a photo, tags (See 1.12 for details) and permissions (See 1.13 for details).

1.9 The album data

Users can at any time add "Album" type publications to FAMICITY that can contain one or more photos, a title, a description, a deviation date , a place, tags (See 1.12 for details) and permissions ( See 1.13 for the detail).


Users can add comments on any publication on FAMICITY that they can access: History, Album, Sharing a profile picture from a loved one, or any comment accessible by the user. Comments contain only text content.

1.11 The likes

Users can add likes on any publication on FAMICITY that they can access: Story, Album, Sharing a profile photo from a loved one or anything user accessible comment.

1.12 Tags

Information to designate one or more relatives as having been part of a Story or Album.

1.13 Permissions

Information to designate one or more relatives and / or groups as having access to a Story or Album.

1.14 The groups

Groups make it possible to group relatives in a set to give rights to publications more easily (Albums, Stories). They contain a name and a set of relatives.

1.15 Data on links between users (either via a tree or via a link created between at least two members)

1.16 Data on exchanges between users and support

2. The data that FAMICITY automatically collects

2.1 Navigation data

When users visit the Services, FAMICITY collects technical data relating to the devices or networks on which the Services are used, such as IP address, type and version of browser used, types and versions of browser plugins, systems and platforms. Exploitation, data concerning the browsing route on our Services, including you’re activities on the various URL pages of our Services.

2.2 Statistical data of use

When users of Famicity visit our services or perform certain actions on our Services such as adding a Story or Album, clicking some buttons etc., FAMICITY automatically collects statistical or visual data on these actions by including technical data relating to devices or networks on which Services are used such as IP address, type and version of browser used, types and versions of browser plugins, systems and operating platforms.

3. Confidentiality of the data

3.1 Confidentiality of Data Provided by FAMICITY Users

Privacy is essential for us. This means :

- No personal data provided by our users is visible on a public page (eg: accessible without authentication).

- The genealogical tree of a user is visible only by him or herself and the other members of FAMICITY sharing the same tree.

- The completeness of a Famicity member's personal data is only available to those close to them

- The only visible data of a member of Famicity by another member of Famicity who is not one of his/her relatives is the surname, first name, date of birth and profile picture.

3.2 Confidentiality of the data collected by FAMICITY

FAMICITY does not use the data of its users. The collected data is only used for statistical purposes to improve our services (See "How we use the data we collect?").

4. Data retention period

4.1 Data provided by FAMICITY users

Users' personal data is automatically deleted five years after the last use of our platforms except for the following cases:

- The user account has been closed by the user, using the ”unsubscribe" feature on our site. The data is then deleted within minutes.

- In the event of the death of a user who has indicated to us instructions for the conservation of his/her personal data (See point 6.3 "Right to define the guidelines relating to the fate of personal data after death.").

In the event that the account has been banned due to a violation of our Terms of Use, this period may be extended to 10 years to prevent the user from violating the same conditions again.

4.2 Data that FAMICITY collects automatically

The data automatically collected on FAMICITY are kept for the following durations:

- Google Analytics : 26 Months
- Mixpanel : 60 Months
- Hotjar : 12 Months

This retention history allows FAMICITY to track the progress of its activity over time.

5. How do we use the data we collect?

5.1 Data provided by FAMICITY users

This data is in no way sold or communicated to third parties by FAMICITY. FAMICITY stores them securely and presents them to the people who provided them and / or who have access to them (the relatives of a user) via our Services.

The e-mail address of the users is used by FAMICITY to periodically send newsletters ("Newsletter") and activity e-mails of his/her relatives (when adding a story). A user can unsubscribe at any time from these communications via a link present in the emails or from its settings.

5.2 Les données que FAMICITY recueille automatiquement

Ces données sont utilisées à des fins statistiques par FAMICITY. Elles sont collectées et/ou envoyées à nos prestataires sans autre information personnelle que l'adresse IP afin de suivre notre activité et améliorer nos services.

Our providers for these statistical activities are:

- Google Analytics
- Mixpanel
- Hotjar

These companies each have Terms of Use and a Privacy Policy that we recommend that you consult before using our services.

6. Where is the data transferred?

FAMICITY stores all personal data within the European Union. The only data transferred outside the European Union are the statistical data mentioned in point 4.2. The companies mentioned in this point are based in the United States and are part of the companies certified by the "EU-US Privacy Shield" (

7. What are your rights to your personal data?

7.1 Right of access / Right to portability

You may request to receive a copy of your Personal Data that FAMICITY owns.

7.2 Right of erasure and rectification of data

You can request the erasure of your personal data as well as the rectification of the erroneous or obsolete personal data concerning you. FAMICITY may retain certain information about a user when it is required by law or when there is a legitimate reason for doing so. For example, when we detect that a user has not respected the Terms of Use, FAMICITY reserves the right to retain some of its data to prevent this user from violating these same conditions again.

7.3 The right to set relative guidelines and their personal data after death.

You can tell us your instructions as to the future of your personal data after your death.

8. Cookies

Please consult our cookies charter.

9. Confidentiality of your password

You are responsible for the confidentiality of your password. You agree to keep it secret and not to disclose it

10. Links to other sites / social networks

Our services and emails contain links pointing to other sites / social networks than FAMICITY. These sites all have their own Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice Policies. We do not accept any responsibility for the use made of the data collected by these sites when you click on these links. We recommend that you read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of these websites before clicking on links.

11. Contact

For any request regarding the exercise of your rights or any question related to this Privacy Policy, you can contact FAMICITY via:

- Our dedicated email address
- Our contact form:

Last update date: 12 October 2018

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