We believe that privacy is essential, especially on the internet.

Without the trust of our members (and maybe yours?) Famicity would not exist. The Famicity family believes that your story is your most valuable data and therefore you should have total control. Your data is not sold or accessed by Famicity or third parties.

Your data does not belong to us.

Famicity only stores your data, we do not claim any of your data as our own. Each published story, each shared album, every comment submitted remain your property.
At any time, you can choose to edit or delete your data at your convenience.

Your data is not sold.

Famicity follows a business model that does not include 3rd party advertising. It’s part of our mission to provide a real service to our members. The basic service and features of Famicity remains free for all but, premium features will be added for members who want a more complete legacy center or simply for those who would like to help us to continue this extraordinary human adventure.

Our Databases are hosted in Europe and Canada.

Famicity has chosen to host databases in countries with strict privacy laws, ensuring global security, freedom and privacy is at the heart of Famicity.

You choose who can see your content.

Each of your publications on Famicity is subject to a very specific permission system that allows you to choose the people who can access your data.
For us it is normal to want to master the scope of information we share. Therefore Famicity would like the people who register to comply with a moral contract with other family members and friends around them. The information published on Famicity should not be copied and shared on public social networks (Facebook, Twitter, ...) or other security sensitive services.

We protect your data.

Famicity was designed as a secure repository website. The entire site is protected by HTTPS. Your data is encrypted so no unathorized person can access it.
Famicity also has databases that are duplicated to ensure the safety of data. Your data is never kept only on a single server, but three or four different servers to ensure data is never lost due to equipment failure.
Famicity is much more secure than a personal computer.

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