How to organize a Family Reunion?

Famicity is a completely free and private family network made to reunite the family!
Famicity is a completely free and private family network made to reunite the family!

What is a Family Reunion?

A family reunion is an event to gather family for a festive event. It is usually organized with the purpose of building and sometimes repairing links between members of the same family.

On average, family reunions bring together roughly 50+ people of a family which distinguishes this type of event from others such as Christmas, birthdays and other major holidays or family milestones. Allowing the mixing of generations within a family is an opportunity for the youngest or the most remote to learn stories and legends attached to the family.

Family reunions could also be compared to weddings or funerals, with the exception of one important fact: these events focus on the celebration or remembrance of one person while a family reunion ​​celebrates the whole family.

Why Organize a Family Reunion?

Most family reunions are organized to promote and preserve the bonds between family members and to provide the opportunity to the younger generations to discover their family history.

Who Do You Invite to a Family Reunion?


There is no real definition of the family circle. You can have multiple variations for who you decide to structure a family reunion around.

A few questions you can ask yourself about who should be invited are:

  1. Do you want to group the descendants of a common ancestor who lived in a specific century?
  2. Do you include all of the cousins ​​of a single generation and their families?
  3. Do you include every generation of a grandparent or common great-grandparent?
  4. Maybe you only want to include those people with the same last name?

With this, you can see that a family reunion can have multiple family variations.

Who Organizes a Family Reunion?

Did you get the idea? Or in any case, if you read this article, it is because you are maybe the organizer or planner of the next family reunion?

The first and most important advice that we have to give you: DO NOT DO IT ALONE! There are a lot of moving pieces to planning a successful family reunion. Doing it by yourself will wear you out and can be overwhelming. Delegating tasks to volunteers such as catering, accommodation, entertainment, hospitality, transport will surely help you get the results you want for your family reunion.

Involves the help of volunteer early into your planning of a family reunion. This will allow you get the help you need for plenty of time to organize and think about the answers to many questions that will come up such as financing and the When, what and hows.

Also, consider strengthening the sense of ownership and commitment of other members of your family for the meeting. Ask members what they like to do. You will be able to identify the talents and skills of each, and thus establish committees dedicated to specific tasks. While one committee will be responsible for the accommodation, another will be responsible for the meeting, another program and activities, fundraising, catering, hospitality, cleaning, transport ...

How Long Do Family Reunions Usually Last?

According to one study, 70% of respondents reported spending two or more days at their family reunion, typically a Saturday and Sunday.

In the case where you have guests traveling for the event, it is advisable to extend the duration of the family meeting up to one week maximum.

How Often Do You Reunite Your Family?

Nearly 50% of families organize their meetings annually, and 25% organize them every two years. It goes without saying that the longer the time interval between two events, the more the organizers can breathe and the more it will make the family reunion rare and exciting!

When to Schedule a Family Reunion


Seasons are of course a determining factor in choosing the time of year to reunite your family. It is obviously necessary to favor dates for which the most people can make themselves available. If you organize your family reunion in the middle of winter, you risk kids being in school and compromise long-standing Christmas or holiday holiday plans! Most family reunions ​​take place during the summer school holidays.

NOTE: Be sure to announce the date of the next family reunion as early as possible. It takes time for each member of the family to organize, save money and block their calendar for this event. You could make the dates of your family reunion coincide with an important family event, such as the birthday of a grandparent, for example.

Finally, avoid the poll of asking everyone what suits them. Although this is a good intention, you will see that few dates will coincide and it will be impossible to satisfy everyone.

Where to Organize a Family Reunion?

The most important factor in determining the location of the family reunion is that it should be a convenient location that is easily accessible to the majority of the family, but it is also financially accessible for the greatest number.

The event venue should be pleasant and conducive to various types of activities. Choose a place that requires reasonable accommodation and travel costs, and is available for recreational activities.

If you're planning a family reunion with more than 50 members, consider hotels, resorts, state parks, banquet halls, etc., Smaller groups may be more comfortable in a family home, camping facility or small resort.

Famicity is a completely free and private family network made to reunite the family!
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