Discover how Famicity helps you to share and preserve great moments with your family

Write and preserve the most amazing story: yours.

From your ancestors to the new-born baby, Famicity helps you to create timelines of each family member. Let's discover how it looks by clicking on one of the three pictures below.

Tag your relatives thanks to the « Tags »

Just tag your relatives and / or ancestors who were part of the story you are sharing. Then the story will be added automatically at the right time into their timelines!

Gather all your pictures

Each family member has pictures of events which made your story! Famicity invites you to share them in a unique service to preserve those moments of emotion. And maybe to see them for the first time..

Comment and like every moment

Your story should no longer be gathering dust in a closet at home.
It must live, be commented and be shared with people you love.

Protect your most valuable data

On Famicity, you can choose the person who has access to your data.
Create your groups and share as you wish. Find out how Famicity protects your privacy

Build and complete your family tree

Between discoveries and memories, build your family tree always provides a particular emotion. On Famicity, the whole family is involved! Even the genealogist of the family is able to add his research thanks to its GEDCOM file.

Get access to all your latest family moments

Wherever you are, you will be able to access the latest stories shared by your relatives. With email or mobile notifications, you will be alerted in real time !

Bonus: the birthday reminder

With Famicity you'll never miss a birthday again! It will be very easy to send a little message full of tenderness the big day!

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