Discover how Famicity helps you to preserve and share important memories with your family

Write and preserve the most amazing story: yours.

Famicity lets you create timelines for each member of your family from new born babies to your ancestors. For a demonstration of how the Famicity timeline works, click on the photographs below.

Tag your relatives using the « Tags »

Simply tag your relatives and ancestors who are part of your story. This story will then automatically upload to their timelines.

Share all your pictures

Each family member has pictures of events which make their story. Famicity invites you to share them in a unique service to preserve those moments happiness and success, and, maybe to see them for the first time.

Comment and like every moment

Stories shouldn’t be gathering dust in a closet or the attic of a home.
Famicity brings them to life, makes them interactive and brings your family memories together to be commented on, remembered and shared.

Protect your most valuable data

On Famicity, you can choose the person who has access to your data.
Create your groups and share as you wish. Learn more about how Famicity protects your privacy

Build your family tree

Building your family tree can take you on an emotional journey with many surprising discoveries. Famicity is built to involve the whole family, so everybody can share the journey. If you have a genealogist in the family, their family history research can be added with a direct GEDCOM file upload feature.

Stay up to date with your family story

As Famicity is built for desktop, mobile and tablet, you can access your account at any time across any platform. With integrated mobile and email alerts you won’t miss any important moments!

Bonus: Never miss a birthday!

Famicity has a built in birthday alert system, so you will never miss a birthday. You can send a personalised message on the big day!

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