About Famicity

Jerome and Guillaume, the two founders of Famicity, met while studying. Quickly, they decided to create their startup to change the world.

Lucien, the grandfather of Guillaume, was looking for a simple and visual tool to share his genealogical research with his grandchildren. Unfortunately, he found nothing and the idea of Famicity appeared!

It was time to revolutionize the way we share our family history. It is not conceivable that in the 21st century, we still do not have a site to preserve and share our most beautiful moments of life.

The memories of a father, the first steps of his child, the discovery of other countries or a graduation are part of the events that should be kept safe. They deserve much more than a social network where all information is public and forgotten as quickly as it was shared.

Each year, millions of people seeking information about their origins because they were never passed on their history. Today we would like to make a gift to future generations by allowing them to easily access their history that we have preserved for them.

Famicity was created for this: write, share and transmit. Future generations will have, at last, a unique place in which they can access the complete history of their family.

With Famicity Lucien can now donate his knowledge. The whole family is gathered and takes pleasure in sharing these moments that will make tomorrow's history.

The adventure just begins.

Our team


Co-founder / CEO

Guillaume is the co-founder at the origin of Famicity in 2007. He is now the CEO and manages the marketing, PR and partnerships. He never stops but still in good mood!


Co-founder / CTO

Jerome is the wonderful brain who created Famicity. He manages all the technical part of the site and ensures that you can use Famicity everyday without any trouble. His passions: Ruby On Rails and cutting-edge technologies.



Simon is full of energy and he loves challenge! He was a serial entrepreneur and now his passion is to help young startupers to do great stuff. Simon Pierre is the advisor of Famicity.


Marketing Officer

Audrey is the little fairy who is working on the marketing, animates our community and helps you if something goes wrong.


Network administrator

Thanks to Bruno, Famicity has a amazing infrastructure to absorb the growth of our community. We are ready to welcome all the families of the world, with an instant delivery service, always on top!


Front-end developer

Puns lover and good humour? It's Nicolas! With Jérôme, they created all the webpages interactivity by following the recommendation of Nathalie, our designer.


Front-end developer

Called « Mister CSS », he works on the website with Nicolas. Thanks to them we have dynamic and responsive website and apps.

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