About Famicity

Famicity’s story began much in the same way someone begins their family history research. Building blocks that culminate in a complete family history.

When co-founder of Famicity, Guillaume Languereau’s grandfather Lucien, was researching the history of his mother’s family, he was eager to reveal the fruits of his labour with his family members. Unable to find a secure and simple way of sharing, Lucien decided to collate his research into a book for each of his four children. As beautiful a memento as it was, the book format meant that Lucien’s children found they could not comment nor add to this research with their own stories or new memories that were connected to the family history. A further challenge presented itself when Guillaume, one of Lucien’s nine grandchildren, recognised they had no way of preserving the books. How could they preserve a printed memory for future generations and one that is reliant on social media? Although social networks allow instant communication and sharing of all media types, Lucien and his family did not want their private information made publicly available. Guillaume realised that memories worth sharing are made each day so how should all of this important information be shared securely?

And so Famicity was born. Guillaume’s intention was to create a site where upon joining, not only can members share their family histories but also upload new memories without fear of relinquishing control of their private and sacred memories. Instead of relying on emails or software that have to be purchased and downloaded, Famicity offers an accessible environment to share treasured memories instantly. Rather than have important events fragmented across different platforms, users can share family histories with their chosen network members and interact in real-time. Every generation can feel involved through Famicity and continue the legacy with new memories.

Guillaume and his partner Jerome Blanchard have worked on the site relentlessly placing the greatest importance on security and privacy. Based in France, the team has worked closely with genealogical societies to ensure the community is at ease that their private information is safe and easily shareable.

Famicity fulfils a crucial requirement that is currently lacking with modern social networks. Lucien’s grandfather thinks so. He keeps up-to-date with family members from different generations across the world and regularly learns new stories to add to his rich and priceless family history. A constant not completed journey. Famicity’s unique family-focused approach has helped to grow its membership base across the globe with users appreciating the family values, privacy and security ingrained in the company ethos. Since launch, Famicity has very quickly established itself as a trusted brand as users share and preserve their precious family memories.

Our team


Co-founder / CEO

Guillaume is the co-founder at the origin of Famicity in 2007. He is now the CEO and manages the marketing, PR and partnerships. He never stops but still in good mood!


Co-founder / CTO

Jerome is the wonderful brain who created Famicity. He manages all the technical part of the site and ensures that you can use Famicity everyday without any trouble. His passions: Ruby On Rails and cutting-edge technologies.



Simon is full of energy and he loves challenge! He was a serial entrepreneur and now his passion is to help young startupers to do great stuff. Simon Pierre is the advisor of Famicity.


Network administrator

Thanks to Bruno, Famicity has a amazing infrastructure to absorb the growth of our community. We are ready to welcome all the families of the world, with an instant delivery service, always on top!


Front-end developer

Puns lover and good humour? It's Nicolas! With Jérôme, they created all the webpages interactivity by following the recommendation of Kevin, our UX designer.


Front-end developer

Called « Mister CSS », he works on the website with Nicolas. Thanks to them we have dynamic and responsive website and apps.

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